Lenovo Laptop Inverter Replacement

Lenovo Laptop Inverter Replacement:
Lenovo Laptop Inverter Replacement

When you changed the screen, did you change the whole assembly, or just the panel? If it was just the panel, was it the same part number as the original? The inverter converts the DC used by the rest of the machine into the high-voltage AC needed by the backlight bulb. If the inverter doesn't match the screen (voltage too high), you can blow the bulb. That also causes increased brightness. It is also possible that the inverter just blew out. There is no good way to test the inverter. Can you try your old panel? If that one works (with the dead pixels), then the problem is probably the new screen. Otherwise, it is probably the inverter. Other causes are less likely on that model. Visit Our lenovo  service center or call us 9885347478 now.


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